For Small Business Only LLC (FSBO) was founded in 2013 by business credit expert, legal analyst, business owner and author, S.E. Day.  After starting and operating more than 25 different companies and partnerships, S.E. realized business credit was a difficult to near impossible feat to accomplish.  After more than 16 years of focused research, S.E. created FSBO with one goal in mind: Provide small business owners with the tools and knowledge they need to successfully establish and build, viable and sustainable business credit for their companies. 

As the only company of its kind, FSBO is the Credit Builder of America’s Small Businesses.  We are a fiduciary for our clients. We earn the trust of our clients by strategically partnering with small business friendly, corporate creditors and lenders, who desire to provide qualified small business owners with the tools needed to establish and build, viable and sustainable business credit for their companies.  All of this is achieved through our signature event, The Small Business Credit Survival Boot Camp© and promoted via the FSBO TV Show. Click on the Credit Boot Camp Tab for more information.

Author, Business Credit Expert, Legal Analyst & Business Owner

S.E. Day is the author of the book, Mastering the Business Credit Maze, Build Business Credit Like BIG Corporations Do! and others. S.E. also created a collegiate course, Small Business Credit Procedures© to educate entrepreneurs who major in Entrepreneurial programs at major universities and colleges.